Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Five Ways to Celebrate National Hot Dog Month

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile (Wikipedia)
I’m not a real fan of hot dogs, but I can’t always avoid eating them. Someone must really like them though, because July has been officially dubbed “National Hot Dog Month.” Here are five ways to honor this modern delicacy:

1. “Think outside the bun,” but I don’t mean taco. Wrap the wiener up in a chic bolillo, naan, tortilla…Actually, I maybe I do mean taco.

2. Go exotic. Tired beef, pork, and turkey? Try bison, lamb, or – dare I even suggest it – vegan.

3. Go all natural. That is, sheep intestine casing. Just don’t consume it around me.

4. Learn CPR. Medical research has shown that hot dogs are the number one cause of food-related choking for children. Remember, kids: Don’t inhale!

5. Join us at Alhambra Church of Christ (Alhambra, CA) this Saturday evening at 5:30 PM for our monthly fellowship meal. The theme is – you guessed it – “Build Your Own Hot Dog.”

Have a happy doggie month!