Friday, August 13, 2010

Wax On, Wax Off

Over the years I’ve met good waxists and bad ones. By “bad” I don’t mean someone who will give you Bette Davis’ eyebrows…That’s ugly. I mean that there are spa employees who feel very self-conscious about touching other people, even for the most mundane services. Rather than being patient, meticulous, and clean, they’re hurried and sloppy.

I’ve often wondered if it was because these women were from cultures that prohibited close contact with strangers. Or perhaps they were just uncomfortable around people of different races. Another thought was that they were paranoid about being perceived as lesbian rather than approaching their work like an impersonal physician.

Unfortunately, when strangers are clearly uncomfortable, I tend to avoid bringing up any problems. It’s easier (although not easy) to criticize a manicurist or hair stylist than a waxist who’s trying to keep ten feet away.