Sunday, May 28, 2017

Intro to ‘Songs for the Road: The Psalms of Ascent’ by She Reads Truth (Bible Study)

Recently I learned about She Reads Truth, a Christian organization that provides Bible studies online, through an Android app, and also in printed form from their online shop. What I found attractive was the apparent seriousness of their studies while still being devotional in focus and filled with feminine flair. (Of course, the He Reads Truth versions, while being similar in content, have a more masculine, no-frills look.)

While I like the accessibility and community of the online app, I found it difficult to read. So I decided to give a printed version a try. Over the next three weeks, I plan to follow the study Songs for the Road: The Psalms of Ascent by She Reads Truth and blog my thoughts on the lessons and activities. The readings are the set of Psalms 120-134, associated with the three pilgrimage feasts that God ordered the Israelites to observe. After completing the course, I will then give a critical review. I hope the study lives up to its beautiful appearance when it comes to content. We shall see.