Monday, March 18, 2013

Recharging in Monterey, Day 4

Well, I think my battery got fully drained last week. Saturday was day four of Ripon Church of Christ’s 2013 “Recharge: Excellence in Ministry” conference. The morning sessions featured the following: “The Power of Positive Preaching” with Gary Greene, preacher of Brentwood Church of Christ; “Longevity in Ministry” with Steve Lloyd, evangelist with Chino Church of Christ; “Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Years” with Vernon Garretson, minister at Lemoore Church of Christ; and “The Path Forward” with Cliff Sabroe, evangelist with West Visalia Church of Christ. According to my husband they were all good sessions. I played hooky that morning, resting and packing for the long drive home, so I’ll have to wait until the audio recordings become available online.

When the conference was over, we headed out. I like Thai food, so I was looking forward to trying out Baan Thai, but it hadn’t yet opened that morning! So instead we went to the nearby Orient Restaurant, a Chinese/Vietnamese place. I’m not inclined to recommend it. There was a faint smoky odor, even though a sign clearly said “No Smoking.” I ordered the Mongolian beef, which was unusually spruced up with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, red chili peppers, and lots of sauce, besides the usual green onions. Unfortunately, the dish was just spicy; no actual taste or flavor. What a disappointing note to end on.

After a quick meal, we were back on U.S. Highway 101 heading home. Even though Recharge seems a bit too cliquish for newcomers, I did enjoy the lectures and learn a lot this week. I wouldn’t mind attending again in the near future.