Friday, May 25, 2012

Novel Homeschoolers: Rebecca Vaughn Is on

Like ancient Celtic history? Check out my sister’s new short stories – “The Politics of Benadel” and “The Finding of Cinuit” - (free to Amazon Prime members!). Back in 2002, Rebecca Vaughn began writing a fictitious account of Christian Britain’s third high king Ambrosius Aurelianus (called the “Pendragon”). This has slowly materialized into a six-book series beginning with Son of the Burning Rowen. Rebecca also has been working on its prequel, the forthcoming The Beast of Caer Baddan, about Owain Finddu, Prince of Glouia, and a number of shorter works that serve as appendices to the Pendragon’s story. “The Politics of Benadel” highlights the sort of political maneuvering female royals resort to in desperate situations. “The Finding of Cinuit” looks at the often shaky relationship the between the Celtic people and their Pictii (Novantae) neighbors. Please take a peek at my sister’s Author Facebook Page for more information and announcements.